10 ŞUBAT 2018
Derkim Refrigeration Group has attended in the ISK-SODEX 2018 in IStanbul where over 1200 exhibitors from 42 different countries where present. Having the proud of being one of the most visited booths at the fair, Derkim Refrigiration Group displayed on show case her registered brands D-Gas® refrigerant gases and Siberia® hermetic compressors as well as her broad portfolio on copper tubes for both insulated and non-insulated copper pipes. We would like to thak all our stackholders for their support.

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23 EYLÜL 2021


ISK-SODEX 2021 Istanbul
29 September - 02 October Tüyap/istanbul
Hall 12 Booth A 20
As one of the pioneer brands for refrigerants in Turkey, D-Gas® welcomes you to our booth.
To enter the exhibition please fill the online invitation link below.

You are kindly requested to consider below warnings scope of COVID-19 for ISK-SODEX 2021 exhibition. 

  1. 1) Download Life Fits Into Home Application via your smartphone.
  2. 2) HES application homepage opens.
    3) The HES Code Creation screen is reached on the HES application. Pressing the button switches to the code generation screen.
  3. Create HES code
    4) Code creation is started by clicking "Add New Code" under "Create HES Code".
  4. 5) After pressing the "Add New Code" button, the duration for the HES code is selected on the screen that opens and a name can be given if desired.
  5. 6) Your HES code is ready. The generated HES code is shared with the relevant company, institution or person, and it can be questioned whether this person carries the risk of disease.
  6. 7) In order to see your Vaccination Status, Disease Status and Test Status please click the “Display My Status” button. These criterias must be turned on like as below screenshot from Life Fits Into Home Application Settings and shared with Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık A.S while entering the fairground.
  7. In order to enter the exhibition area, at least 1 condition must be met from the Vaccination status, Disease status and Test status information. Exhibitors and visitors who do not meet any of these conditions but still appear "RISKLESS" will not be able to enter the fairground.
  8. 8) For more information please visit https://hayatevesigar.saglik.gov.tr/hes-eng.html
Please fill in the form completely.