Alkyde resins

Modified resins
Water based alkyde resins 
They are resins obtained by the combination of polyester and oil-specific groups. The fatty acids add the characteristics and flexibility of the alkyd. They are mainly used in printing inks, decorative paints and varnishes for wood materials, metal decorative paints and industrial paints and varnishes dried with air in ovens.

Acrylic resins

Hydroksi acrylic resins
Thermoplastic acrylic resins 
These resins have an outstanding place among the coating formulations, such as color and gloss, alkali and oxidation resistance, hardness, adhesion and bond strength and film life. It is used in 2K applications such as auto repair, furniture and industrial paints, concrete curing, road marking and metal coating paints.

Polyester resins

Polyester resins are thick,viscous, almost colorless liquids. They are mainly used in furnace dried metal paints, OEM putty and top coat applications and can and coil coating applications.

Road Marking Resins

1 K road marking resins
The physical and Chemical resistance is relatively higher than alkyde resins used for chlorinated rubber. No chalking.
2 K road marking resins
It is used to prepare two component road marking paints in desired colors, with laying, structure and spray application. It is a kind of road marking paint that is long-lasting and adheres very strongly to the surface.

Hydocarbon resins

C5 Aliphatic hydrocarbon resins, very light color (2-3), excellent in adherence
C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resins; color value 4-8, very good adherence. Variety in different colors and quality, mainly used for for industrial paint, hot melt adhesives and printing ink production.

Thermoplastic Resins

Water and solvent based Cement Curing Agent and concrete selaler resins
Thermoplastic resins are used to increase the tensile and bending strength of the material. Thermoplastics, widely used in the automotive sector, are also used in high performance material solutions in aviation industry.

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