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Our journey started in 2002 by importing Coim Spa’s polyurethane systems and continued with developing team and excitement and spreaded to paint, rubber and cooling industires. With exclusive representativeship of Helios Group we have stepped into coating industry and this successful atempt is then followed in 2009 with entrance to cooling industry.

With the organisational restructuring in 2016 nowadays Derkim Kimya AŞ serves with 5 business group to chemical industry.
Long lasting and sustainable relations with our partners both on suppliers and customer sides are based on mutual trust and the importance given to customer satisfaction are the key parameters  on our success.

With the established Derkim Kimya brand perception and trust and our renewed and increased team members we are ready to explore new areas  and markets and we walk with high confidence to new frontiers. We are very much delighted to turn this power obtained from you into innovative and lasting solutions to serve the chemical industry.

Jointly with all our global stake holders we are here to provide you permanent, sustainable value adding solutions.


Yavuz Aydın
Chairman of Derkim Kimya AŞ

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