Performance Chemicals

This division deals mainly with chemicals serving to adhesives, rubber, cable industries. With our global suppliers which are all experts in their respective field in global market, we offer you new generation solutions.

Product Groups

PVA : Poly vinyl alcohol
It is an odorless and transparent granular powder. THey can be obtained as partially or full hydrolized form. Varieties are 5-88, 18-88, 42-88 are used as film, acetal resin, adhesive stabilizer, binder and raw material for vinylone synthetic fiber.

EVA : Ethyl vinyl acetate
EVA is a synthetic plastic considered  as one of the main components of hotmelt adhesives. There are many types with different VA content and viscosity to prepare slipper and insoles EVA granules.

SBS :Styrene butadiene styrene
Oil and fat free properties are available; application areas are; modified bituminous asphalt production, furniture sealant adhesive and in the production of thermo shoe sole compounding.

SEBS (Styrene Ethyl Butadiene Styrene)
It is a styrene-ethylene-butylene based linear tri-block copolymer used in the production of thermoplastic elastomers. It is supplied in powder or granüle form. Main application areas are window profile gasket, swimming fins and handtools covers.

Latex :
Natural Latex :
We carry in our inventory natural latex originated from Malaysia with high or low ammonia content and high mechanical stability which are suitable for use on glove and baloon sector as well as for footwear lamination.

SBR Carboxileted Latex ( Styrene Latex Rubber) :
A water-based synthetic latex that is used as a primary coating material in non-woven fabrics, building chemicals and carpets.

SBR High Solid Latex (Styrene Latex Rubber) :

High-content (66-69%), water-based latex, which is the main raw material of the mixture prepared for the production of non-slip carpet, rugs, mop. At the same time, bitumen is added in asphalt production for sound deadening. It can be used to enhance elasticity to bituminous emulsions in waterproofing applications.

SBR 1502 (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) :
SBR is widely used in automotive, hose, rubber, conveyor belt and rubber footwear applications.

EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer Rubber):
EPDM is common used for hose, profile, cable and TPV applications with a with wide use of oil and fat-free synthetic rubber is offered in many qualities.

NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) :
High flexibility and oil resistance even at low temperature values. It is used in non-latex gloves for medical applications, safety belts, V-belts, hose and artificial leather industry.

Penta Ester:
Penta esters are resins which are suitable for Eva based hotmelt adhesive production,  with properties like softening at 100 degree, resistant to weathering. They are compatible with synthetic rubbers such as EVA, SIS, SBS, LDPE and natural rubbers, microcrystalline waxes and paraffins.

Ester Gum (Gliserol Ester)
With high resistance to oxidation, very low odor and low acidity; it is used as gum mash and in sir wax.

GUM Rosin (Kolafan Resin)
It is a natural resin with chemical activity when dissolved in organic solvents. It is used in paper, ink, rubber, electronic products and soap sector.

ADC : Azo di carbonamide
It is a flammable but non-toxic, yellow colored additive, ranging in size from 2 to 25 microns, which allows many synthetic rubber to expand, to get a porous structure and reduce the densities. It is used to have cellular structure like a foam for EVA, PE, Natural Rubber, NBR - PVC mixtures.

Hydrocarbon resins:
Most of these resins are compatible with polymers, solvents and plasticizers. The y increase the adhesion properties on the mixtures they are introduced in. Because of their aromatic hydrocarbon-based and saturated nature, these resins are hydrophobic and are resistant to chemicals. Main application areas are packaging, wood, book binding and binding adhesives.

TPU : Thermoplastic polyurethanes for adhesives
It is excellent in the production of solvent-based adhesives, fabrics, leather, plastic and rubber adhesives with excellent bonding, high rupture resistance, high elasticity, high abrasion resistance.

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