Aliphatic isocyanates

Aliphatic isocyanates 75
These isocyanates have solid content of 75 % and NCO value of 16.0-16.6. They are used with hydroxyl functional acrylic resins. It is also used as isocyanate in single and double component prepolymers of different polyurethane resin systems.
Aliphatic isocyanates 100
These isocyanates have solid content of 100 % and NCO value of 22.5-23.9. They are HDI based isocyanates used for non yellowing 2 K systems.

Aromatic isocyanates

These isocynates have solid content of 75 % and NCO value of 12.7-13.7. Although it is mainly used for furniture paintings and rigid foams as hardener, there are new applications for adhesives and synthetic leathers as well.


High functional oligomer and isomer containing, solvent free 4,4’- diphenylmethane di isocyante with average functionality 2.7.
Mainly used for rigid foam, pipe insulation, insulation boards, sandwich panel, CASE applications, PUR wood imitations, PUR based adhesives.

80/20 TDI (Toluen di isocyanate)

80% 2,4 20% 2,6’ toluene diisocyanate mixture.
Mainly used for flexible foam and moulded foam, prepolymers and elastomer production.
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